Adobe Lightroom Workshop

This 2 day Lightroom Workshop is designed specifically for the nature photographer. Capturing the image is only part of the photographer's process today. Knowing how to develop an image and taking it tot he next level with a powerful program like Adobe Lightroom will allow you to achieve the highest possible quality in your final images. This two-day course takes place in Huntsville Ontario, just outside Algonquin Park. With a maximum of 6 students per class this course will allow each individual the chance to ask questions and receive step by step instructions, and by working with your own images it will provide you with direct experience. You will learn by doing.

Topics covered will include:
1) Importing your images
2) Library- Sorting your photos, using Collections and much more
3) Editing Essentials
4) Local Adjustments
5) Problem Photos
6) Jumping to Photoshop and much more.

Price Includes:

Personalized instruction due to very small groups
Tea and Coffee available at all times
Chilled water and snacks.

Price Does Not Include:
Accommodations and meals
Transportation to and from workshop location.

More information to be provided about where to stay upon signing up for the trip.

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